Have we forgotten how to dream?

Why are we always so negative towards new ideas or concepts.

Very seldom is our first reaction a positive one. It seems we are first trying to find out all reasons why an idea won’t work, can’t be done or is just plain silly.

It seems as though we immediately dismiss everything out of hand as a first reaction? Why not first look at how great an idea can be and the positives that could come from it. Let your imagination go wild. I’m pretty sure this is how all crazy inventions and companies got invented/started. Just a few people chatting and saying “Imagine if…..”
Sometimes for ideas to become more, you need to allow them to grow.

Forget how stupid it first sounds. Next time you hear the voice in your head say no..… stop, say yes instead. See where it takes you. You might find yourself going in a direction that will surprise you. Believe it or not, you might actually have some fun and maybe even come up with idea that could work.

Default to a positive first reaction. I dare you!

Disclaimer: I’m not saying you need to ignore the bad in the world, and pretend it’s all going to be ok. Or that every stupid idea is brilliant and might make you a millionaire. 
No, I’m just saying sometimes all you need to do is have a laugh indulge yourself and try find the good every now.

What’s the worst that could happen?